Monday, April 19, 2010

FML :-) is a website where people share their Fuck my life experiences. Funny to read when you re bored.

Here is some good ones:

** Today, I woke up to find my eyebrows shaved off, and my whole face coloured in with permanent black marker. I'm getting married in one hour. FML

** Today, I called my dad and asked him to email me a copy of my birth certificate, so I could forward it to my new employer. He named the file "ThatDreadfulDay", and I didn't notice until after I had forwarded it. FML

** Today, while working at a jewelry store, my ex boyfriend came in to buy an engagement ring for his girlfriend of three months. He dated me for three years and broke up with me, saying he wasn't the marrying type. FML

**Today, I finally got up the guts to tell a co-worker that I have feelings for him and asked him if he would like go out sometime after work. He politely declined, and I wasn't too hurt. That was until I heard him tell another co-worker that he doesn't "do fat chicks." FML

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