Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Diary 01.07.09 Herzogenaurach, Germany

I'm currently in Herzogenaurach, Germany. To be more exact: I'm at the headquarters of adidas. I work for adidas-Group since Feb and I been lucky that my boss also saw the essence of (and me personally as a sneakerhead finally!) to see some of the roots of this successfull brand.

Herzo park used to be a militairy base and you can still tell. It looks like a bungalow park, with different buildings apart from eachother. I got the chance to get a peek at the black box (where some magic happens), the show rooms and the creative center that they are building called LACES.

..And most important the adidas outlet. :-) Yesterday I did some decent shopping and today I will go back for a quick look to see if I can bring something for my Amsterdam colleagues. I will post some pics of the goodies when I get back.

Also the roots of Adi's brother 'Puma' are based in this little town. It is very funny to see how this little town is so associated with these big brand names.

I spend 3 days here and today we re heading back to Holland.

Tschuss Deutschland!

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